Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. President Say No to War With Iran

Here is a copy of the one page advertisement that the Iranian American Council posted a few weeks ago in the Washington Post. Several retired Generals and high ranking American military officials have signed a letter to Obama asking him to resist pressures on him to attack Iran. " Military action at this stage is not only unnecessary it is dangerous... We urge you to resist the pressure for a war of choice with Iran." the letter ends. This could be an indication of the pressures on Obama by the zionist lobby and AIPAC. It was published before a meeting of the leaders of both  countries (US and Israel ) last month.

Many observers believe that the American public  should start asking themselves finally who runs the foreign policy of their country; Americans or Israelis.  There is plenty of information and analysis available  in the internet on the influence of zionists in the Congress and Senate and how they are shaping US economy , media and foreign policy. It is a shame that the American public is not informed and/or is not sensitive about the future of their nation and particularly when it comes to sending their young people to war and sacrificing their lives, they are so impotent.
While the quantity of  propaganda, news items and analysis on war against Iran has been escalating during the past months a recent article in the Guardian serves as an eye-opener.
The IAEA chief has been accused of pro-western bias over Iran by several former Agency officials. They have warned of parallels between the Agency's current approach to Iran and its past mistakes over Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction. Wiki leaks documents also show that Amano is bending increasingly towards the US.
In these sensitive times it is important to remember that the UN and related bodies have an official responsibility and mandate to protect world peace. The American neocon and zionist lobby have taken the US to war for several times in this part of the world, the devastating consequences of which for humanity are immense.  It is now time that the UN takes a serious step to contain zionist  American politicians and to inform them that the Islamic Awakening or the Arab Spring however you name it, is a symbol of an end to Zionist hegemony in the middle east. The recent ruling of the Egyptian Parliament calling for a severance  of diplomatic relations with what they have called the "zionist entity" is a clear sign of this reality.
Nations are seeking freedom and dignity under the umbrella of their national and Islamic identity, not under foreign supremacy and rule. The international community should realize that despite the challenges Iranians face in Iran, they are strong and unified in the face of any external threat.  They should have known that threats of this kind  will not help to promote freedom or human rights in Iran, nor will it force Iran to relinquish its rights as a member of the international community.

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