Friday, April 6, 2012

The Awakened Conscience of Gunter Grass

European nations have a long history of legislation and political and social activism aimed at promotion of individual freedoms and human rights. This approach has been historically  overshadowed by the the advent of Nazism and the Holocaust, as well as the rise of Communism and more recently, ethnic strife and genocide in the Balkans. Certain trends have been intentionally politicized and utilized as a political weapon. While the crimes of the Holocaust are a historical fact, an exaggeration of the events was necessary as a pretext for the creation of a homeland for Jews, by the usurpation of land in Palestine. The crimes of the Holocaust became an issue which could not be contested or questioned . Branding the critiques  as "antisemitic"  became a means to silence any attempt to question the logic behind the creation of the zionist state.

The list of authors or poets who have been assailed  for criticizing zionism is on the rise.Gunter Grass is the latest. .He is the most popular German writer who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1999. Now, he is being victimized for a poem saying that Israel, not Iran, was the greatest threat to world peace. In the poem titled "What Must Be Said " published in Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung and several othe European newspapers. Mr. Grass said he was tired of  Western Hypocrisy for calling an end to Iran's nuclear program while tolerating Israel's secretive nuclear program, which has been widely discussed but never officially confirmed. Mr. Grass has the courage to speak about a reality that many have now realized but do not dare to speak up. Zionism influences not only American politics but European and other policies throughout the world through its media, wealth, and political conglomerates. Zionism has taken the world to the verge of global war in many instances and now once again, Israel is spearheading a war against Iran for unjustified and irrational reasons.
May it be that the awakened conscience of the likes of Gunter Grass would stand up against this terrible trend that has taken the lives of thousands in wars instigated by the zionist Christian and neo-Con lobby in the US and their proxies in other parts of the world.

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