Sunday, March 3, 2013

Argo is Disappointing

Iranian films are now quite popular worldwide, indicating that Iranian cinema has taken great leaps to compete at global levels. Iranian cinema has taken a aesthetic  and hermunetic approach during the past decades. Many Iranian directors and producers have embarked on a quest to produce quality films for the Iranian audience without government support and funding. They see the cinema as a cultural affair and hope to maintain a dialogue with the people through the cinema. 
Many Iranians also wished to see a cultural dialogue with Americans via the  film industry. Hopes were high after Asghar Farhadi's the Separation won the Oscars a few years ago. This year however, the selection was disappointing.  After the Oscar's best movie award was given to Argo,the BBC World Newshour asked me to speak about my views on the film. I told them I expected more from Hollywood. I told them they could have used cinema to promote understanding and peace among nations not as a means to distribute a negative impression and biased image against a great civilization and nation like Iran. You may listen to the interview through the links below.  


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Anonymous said...

I hate this movie, as an Iranian living in America , I can't grasp how cheap hollywood has become. It's just propaganda, after proganda on Iran. I never liked Ben Afflek to begin with, and I certaintly don't like him now. My hope is that Iranian cinema can emerge as a competitor to Hollywood one day. So, we can present a more balanced view on past and current events within our own Iranian cinema. In my opinion, films like Argo are not even worth going to the cinema and wasting money on. I'm glad I downliaded ilegaly, just too see what the fuss was about.. I would never want my money to go to anti-Iranian movie at all .