Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rouhani and A New Era of Moderation and Reform

The Coalition of Moderates and Reformists for Change has resulted in the victory of Dr.Hassan Rouhani. His victory was a surprise since many predicted that elections would be taken to the second round and things would become very difficult, but when Khatami and Hashemi backed Rouhani and when the people moved into the election scene things changed quickly.
Tehran was the scene of spontaneous joy and celebration last night. Thousands came into the streets in many cities in Iran to celebrate the victory of the Reformists and the departure of Ahmadinejad. Among the slogans they chanted was the freedom of political prisoners and Mousavi and Karroubi.
The jubilation and political expectations together are another indication that the people are well aware of the implications of this important political development.
For years Reformists were under pressure, they were imprisoned or questioned for their criticism and opposition to government policies. For years the political monopoly of Principalists in power claimed that Reformists were ousted from the social and political scene in Iran. They spoke about the end of reformism and the Green movement but last night Tehran and many large cities in Iran spoke in other terms. Seventy two percent of those eligible to vote had come to the polls and 50.7 percent had voted for Rouhani . As a major display of democracy and change in Iran, expectations are that foreign relations will improve and the unjustified sanctions against the Iranian nation will subside. Considering the strength that Rouhani has in foreign policy this is a reason for hope today. I hope western powers and American politicians would carefully evaluate current developments and find a way to change their one-sided approach on Iran.


Peter said...

Well done Iran. You voted for the most moderate candidate you could. I wish your people all the best. I am certain your aspirations mirror ours a safe, stable and peaceful country. Peace and love to you all

Steve said...

Thank you for your analysis. Perhaps the new president will be able to secure recognition of Iran's rights with a different approach than his predecessor.

Yet there are those in Iran and in the West who benefit from the status quo. Those forces in Iran will work to limit Mr. Rowhani's influence and portray him as a failure in hopes of maintaining their own influence and turning the people against the moderates. Those in the West will continue to harbor unrealistic dreams of regime change and pursue policies they believe will lead to this outcome.

For the moment, though, let us be hopeful.