Friday, July 19, 2013

Muslim Mothers for Peace


“The bombing culminated a violent two days in Iraq that left around 60 people dead.There appears to be no let up in the violence between Shi'ites and minority Sunnis, which the United Nations says has killed more than 2,500 people since April.
 Iraqi Sunnis complain that the Shi'ite-led government ignores their needs and is marginalizing them politically. The Associated Press reports Sunni and Shi'ite clerics delivered a joint Ramadan sermon Friday in Baghdad, calling for an end to the violence and a united Iraq.”
The above is an example of news reports we hear every day, about dark events happening in our world.
 In recent years we have witnessed a constant rise in sectarian violence among various groups particularly among   Shia and Sunni  factions. This violence has disrupted the social balance and the chain of normal life in many societies. In addition to Pakistan and India where we were accustomed to hearing news of bombings on religious occasions, now the sectarian divide has spread to Iraq, Syrian , Lebanon and even Egypt. Afghanistan also faces recurrent waves of violence both sectarian and anti occupation in nature.
Eventhough, there are certain differences in historical narratives and interpretations among  Shia and Sunni sects, but the majority of the basic precepts are common among the two schools. The Scripture, ie the Holy Quran is completely identical for all Muslims as are the pillars of the Religion.  Muhammad SA is the Prophet of all Muslims , the  ethicals standards and religious rituals are very similar. The basic differences are in the historical interpretations and the course of history after the demise of the Prophet. The trend of events after the Prophet led many believers to question the  justification of leaders particularly the  misdemeanors   of rulers who after  Ali Ibn Abitaleb took the affairs in their hands violating the basic teachings of the Prophet and  oppressing people by tyrannical  control over their resources and lives.
The history of colonial rule in Islamic societies indicates that occupying and colonial forces have exploited   the few differences among  Islamic  schools of thought to strengthen  their rule and control over the  wealth and resources of  Muslim nations. Now, after what has been inflicted upon Muslim societies in the region the sectarian divide has become deadly and more violent.
I had and interview with an international news agency and I proposed a campaign of Muslim Mothers  for Peace. The proposal has been welcomed by many media and social activists. We hope to launch the campaign in close collaboration with Sunni and Shia sisters and brothers worldwide.
The main objectives are awareness raising, advocacy and promotion of understanding among the Shia and Sunni  schools and a strong denunciation  of violence and terror .


Theda said...

This is gorgeous!

ordinarysparrow said...

May the highest good come forth for this endeavor...

Anonymous said...

با سلام به شما بانوی گرامی
قبل از هرچیز باید بگویم که از انتخاب شما برای این سمت بسیار خوشحالم چرا که وضعیت محیط زیست در ایران به چنان فاجعه ای رسیده که حقیقتاً نیاز به یک مادر دارد. من از مازندران می نویسم، از جنگل هایی که نه تنها خاک و درختان آن را تاراج می کنند، بلکه جای آن زباله می کارند. به عقیده من تا زمانی که نظام آموزشی ما به کودکان ما احترام به طبیعت را نیاموزد، تلاش های ما هیچ فایده ای ندارد. امیدوارم در دوره ریاست خود به این مهم توجه نموده و کودکان این مرز و بوم را بیشتر با طبیعت و احترام و عشق به آن آشنا سازید. پیش از اصلاح محیط زیست بهتر است به افراد آموزش دهیم دوستتان دارم و از خداوند توفیق روزافزون شما را خواستارم.