Monday, October 20, 2014

Sustainable tourism in Iran

We hosted an international symposium on ways to integrate sustainable tourism in national planning policy.Tourism, when it complys with environmental standards becomes a green industry where tourists both enjoy nature beauties but also help to protect its resources. Across nations tourism promotes dialogue and understanding, and appreciation of diversity both diversity of cultures and nature. In a sense in a region torn by violence and extremism tourism gives a message of peace and stability.

Iran has many touristc attractions, 7000 years of history and art manifested in cities throughout the country, exceptional biodiversity including mountains, forests deserts, wetlands ,sea and rangeland are all unique attractions of Iran. In addition, religious pilgrimages and health tourism are also areas where  attractions exist.
We now have new programs underway to promote ecotourism and ensure the benefits for local communities.The international gathering was an indication of the importance attached to 
sustainable tourism in all forms.

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