Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Journey to Italy

I was invited by the Italian Minister of Sea,Land and Environment.After arriving at Rome, we met with Ms.Emma  Bunino who was the former Foreign Minister of Italy . Our first visit was at the Environmental Research Center,ISPRA, we visited their advanced laboratories and spoke about plans for joint activities. We met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs that after noon in the immense ministry building which was built once by Mosillini.
Bilateral political,economic and environmental issues were discussed. We then left to visit the Minister of Environment with whom we discussed the status of Climate Change negotiations.
The MOU for energy and climate change was then signed and we attended a reception of  pasta, fish and chips hosted by the Minister of Environment in a antique setting in central Rome.
I began the next day with RAI international news channel broadcast live from the residence of the Ambassador.
The reporter and her director were both interested in Iran and related developments.The rise of ISIS was alarming for all and this matter was brought up in every meeting and interview.After several short interviews with local media and newspapers we left for a meeting with the Italian Parliament Speaker. Scores of protesters were loudly rioting outside the Parliament premises, against austerity measures which were severly hitting their livelihoods.Laura Boldrini spoke about the importance of the role which Iran as  a stable country has in preventing the spread of ISIS.
The Diplomatic Research center SIOI , had invited me to speak. I chose the title " Spirit of Dialogue and the Journey to Perfection." I spoke about how we had to bring the change we want in the world first within ourselves and particularly those in positions of leadership.
I also responded to questions a out , human rights, foreign policy and internal politics in Iran. Our final program was to take part in the Minerva Award Program .
This is a prestigious award given to women by the Anna Marie Mamolliti Foundation. Several women were awarded mostly from Italy , I was given the award for Political Leadership. There was a large audience attending and I took a few moments to thank the organizers and to mention the achievements nof Iranian women in different fields and to note that this award is an indication of the common values that we cherish in spite of all the cultural differences.
I hope this visit has played its role in providing a more objective image of Iran and improvement of bilateral relations.

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