Friday, June 26, 2015

Peacemaking in Oslo

Iran and Norway decided to work together in the field of the environment since 1999. The Norwegian Minster of Environment repaid my visit in 2001 and we signed minutes of the meeting to work together in different areas. Last week I was invited to attend the Oslo Forum, entitled this year: Peacemaking in in times of global disorder. There were many sessions dealing with crisis situations in different regions.Peacemaking is quite valuable when we attempt to understand the root causes, to take effective prevention measures and to transform conflicts into opportunities for develoment and peace.We also had many bilateral meetings as well.

 I spoke at a session devoted to Iran this morning and made note of the fact that peacemaking is an example of enjoing what is good and forbidding what is evil, which is a basic precept of Islamic ethics and also prescribed by Abrahamic religions. I spoke about the internal policies of Dr. Rouhani in different areas including the environment and also referred to the various international overtures we have had in promoting diplomatic relations with our neighbors but also in engaging for a just settlement in the Nuclear talks with the 5+ 1. I took questions from the audience some of which were quite challenging.
I also met with the Minister of Environment of Norway, and the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Parliament. We had a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We disscussed many issues including environmental cooperation but also regional issues and ways to confront the rise of extremism. Norwegian politicans were very concerned about the rising insecurity in many regions but also the spread of DAESH.
I hope this visit would help to promote more understanding between our two nations.

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