Friday, October 2, 2015

GreenTech Helsinki

I visited Helsiniki this month based on the invitation of the Finnish Minister of Economy to speak at an international event on Green Technologies. In addition to taking part in that session I met several dignitaries including, the President of Finland, the speaker of the Parliament, the Minister of Trade, the Minister of Environment, and the Committee on Foreign affairs.

The cordial and positive atmosphere in all the meetings was indicative of a general resolve to upgrade bilateral relationships. Many Finnish corporations had a long history of successful dealings with Iran until of course the sanctions. 

On the second day of my visit I also had the opportunity to meet with the Confederation of Finnish Industries and several top business leaders who were very keen to find ways to return or to begin investment in Iran. I explained the environmental challenges we face in Iran and proposed a joint effort to invest in green technologies such as solar energy.

Several interviews with local and international media were convened including one with Euronews. Journalists were mostly inquisitive about the post[-]sanctions plans and the future relationships between Iran and the West.

In these deliberations I emphasized on the emerging role of Iran in promoting peace and security in the region. I also mentioned that environmental issues are of a global and human nature and that we are all passengers of one ship and have a common but differentiated responsibility in this regard.

Meanwhile, duringthe previous visit I had two months ago in Norway we had decided to convene technical workshops on renewable energies and environmental standards in petroleum industries. These workshops will be held in Bushehr and Tehran next month marking the start of our practical cooperation .

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