Friday, February 22, 2008

An Award for Environmentalists

Last nights ceremony was held in a diamond. A pyramid shape glass hall for seminars and ceremonies, was where we held the Sixth Round of Environmental Awards in the Name of my late father Professor Taghi Ebtekar. The first three rounds were convened by the Iranian Academy of Sciences where my father was a member. For the last three rounds the Center For Peace and Environment has held the competition and ceremonies . The center made the award announcement four months prior to the ceremony and the candidates are screened by a board of referees who choose the best from among them . This year the life time achievement prize was awarded to Dr. Kahrom a prominent scientist, and expert in wildlife conservation. The second prize was given to Dr.Isphahanian , the Head of the Vehicle and Environment Research Institute for his research and work in the field of air pollution control.
An award was also given to Elahe Mousavi , she is one of the most active environment journalists. Her reporting on environmental issues has been quite professional and inspiring. Also tribute was given to two rangers who had given their lives during their mission in protected areas in southern parts of the country. Special tribute was given to Dr. Hormoz Asadi a CPE
member who specialized in wildlife conservation and lost his life in this way.
The honorary guest of our ceremony was President Khatami who gave the awards and delivered a speech on the essence of peace. He made the point that even though some philosophers have considered war to be the essential quality of mankind, yet the Holy Quaran teaches us that creation is based on the spirit of peace. The message of the Prophets has had two major themes he said , one justice and the other love. The major problem lies in the aggressive attitudes that humans have and their inclination to dominate over others. He considered nature as being also
under attack by this aggressive attitude. The CPE also gave him some original pictures of the arctic region taken by CPE members. Many reporters from international media and satellite channels were there. I had to make many interviews and answer many questions. My impression was that our guests enjoyed the program very much.


Anna said...

It's just so wonderful and amazing to see Iran soooooo far ahead in these fields, especially for those of us who left Iran a very long long long time ago, and are not familiar with all the incredible progress that has been made over the years in the scientific and technical arena!!!

I'm so proud of Iran, and so moved to see how it is actually playing such REAL impacts on such an important issue like "Global Warming"!!!!
Hats off to you all!

When I left Iran (20 years ago), we were nowhere near these levels of achievements! Although recently (thanks to I have been reading and seeing amazing things in Iran, but I still get surprized and amazed by every such news!!!! WOW!
Thank you for posting this information, I don't know if presstv has reported it yet, I haven't checked, but thank you for letting the world know of such good news!

Fazel said...

It's again me after long time,I remeber that last year you put a lot of photos of the award ceremony in your persian blog,this year it's so hard to find more even in news agencies not too much, although the reason is quite understandable!

Anonymous said...

hi and congratulations.

could you please post your Speech on youtube.

Why is youtube blocked in Iran?
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I thought an educated intelligent woman like you would not sensor.

after posting my comment to you I get this message:

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thank you

Anonymous said...


I returned to read your response to my question. unfortunately i do not see one. thank you for posting my question.