Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who is to Blame?

World leaders have committed themselves to the environmental agenda in paper. In action however, they have proven that there are other priorities. They initially questioned the scientific basis of the findings thereby delaying the commitments, now they are looking for other scapegoats. The realities are painful and striking . The rich bloc is consuming the world's resources at an alarming rate, environmental degradation, pollution and natural disasters are all taking their toll initially on the poor and disadvantaged, although I believe the rest of the world is will also suffer eventually. The urgency of issues like food prices and hunger, as well as fuel prices (the rise of taxes in the North and the decrease of subsidies in the South) all indicate how things can easily get off hand even in the prosperous industrialized countries.

For years environmentalists have been warning decision makers about the consequences of unsustainable policies and the great economic and social losses that their societies will face. For years now in international fora politicians have been committing themselves to conservation and environmental standards. Unsustainable trends and the disruption of the ecosytem balance continues.

Why do we not see the results , why do we not see any improvement in the status of the world's environment? Is it not because politicians , private and corporate sector forces all see their profits before anything else? Is it not because the capitalist -materialist view leaves no room for human and environmental concerns? Is it not because deep inside the material minds and hearts there is no respect for creation , for nature or for the will of God?

The world is facing environment crises one after the other, global warming is just starting to take its toll. Science and technology can provide some of the solution most of the solution lies in the attitudes and mentalities of those who are leading the world and therefore in the minds and mentalities of the decision-makers.

To prevent the disaster we need faith, resolve and change of direction. We may, other wise, decide to be the first species that has played a major role in its extinction.


Anonymous said...

what is Iran doing to save the planet?!

Anonymous said...

not much yet, but it has a lot of potential in term of generating Wind-Powered as well as Solar-Powered electricity!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! every day, the news becomes more grim about a possible Iran-US war being not too far from reality, and the world is just watching in disbelief and with a false sense of wishful thinking that the powers-to-be are not crazy enough or irrational and stupid enough to let it happen!!!!! but what they don't realize is that a war is exactly what they want, and rationality plays absolutely no role in it!!!

was it rational to bombard Lebanon for 33 days in response to a kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers?! was it rational to throw the ex-Bathists of Iraq onto streets after the fall of Saddam and encourage them to take up arms against the Shiites of Iraq no matter what that would mean in terms of casualties to their own occupying troops?! was it rational to make deals with the al-Qaeda in Iraq by bribing them with money and arms and asking them to sit quiet until they leave, at which time they can start their jihad against the infidel Shiites of Iran?! was it rational when they tried all they could to instigate some sort of misunderstanding at see and trying to blame it on Iran so that they could have an excuse to start a war in the Persian Gulf? was it rational when they besieged the Gazans for months and months and continue to do so without anybody in the EU or the UN even batting an eye???!!!

what they want is exactly what Iranian defense minister said he would give them! they want to provoke Iran to respond forcefully so that they'd have their excuse in the eyes of their gullible people for attacking Iran and saying it's because Iran started it???? just as they claimed for 33 days in summer of 06 that the Lebanon war was instigated by Hezbullah!!!!!
please don't let your leadership fall for their tricks!!! even if they attack a nuclear facility (with the help of Israel), don't respond back with a "crushing blow", take what comes the same way that Imam Hussein took what Yazid and his army did to him! remain a victim in any Israeli or American assault to Iranian air, let them make martyrs of the brave martyrdom-seeking Iranian soldiers and revolutionary guards, but DO NOT respond to them militarily!!! that's exactly what they need and are looking for to start a war!!!

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