Saturday, June 21, 2008

Workshop in Oslo : Women, Equality and Peace

I will be attending a workshop on Sharing Experiences Women Equality and Peace in Oslo on Monday. The event is organized by the Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilizations , The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights , The Club de Madrid and The Center for Peace and Environment in Tehran. The Center for Peace and Environment is playing an important role in organizing the event and the Iranian delegation who will be attending. The workshop will be opened by President Khatami and Prime Minister Bondevik ( Former Norwegian Prime Minister). Scholars and politicians will discuss , gender equality in Islamic thought and Western civilization, family rights and women' s challenges in these societies.

I have been given the moderation of the first panel with this topic. Ms Tarja Halonen the current President of Finland will also speak in this panel. Other panels will deal with the role of women in inter religious dialogue and conflict resolution and the effect of war on women and how women can play an important role in international peacemaking.

The workshop has coincided with two important events, first the anniversary of the birthday of the daughter of the Prophet of Islam Fatima Zahra or Women's Day in Iran and the recent resolution of the United Nations Security Council on the condemnation of sexual abuse of women in times of war. I think this coincidence points to the importance of our work in these times. I will post more news about the event and inform you about its resolution.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!! i'm so happy to read this!!!!!!! i can't even contain myself!!!!!
dar pooste khod nemigonjam!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
dorood bar shoma!
God bless you!
Good Luck!
i wish i could be there!
daste Fatima Zahra be hamraahetoon!!
ghorboonetoon beram elaahi!!!! ;-)
i hope you will be able to plug Iran's own Fatima conference when you're there and get to invite some worldly women (hopefully Rosalyn Carter) to your own Fatima event in Tehran!
Wow!!!!! how wonderful!!!!! what would the World of Islam have done without women like you????!!!!
God Bless you dear dear Dr. Ebtekar! and Thank God for Mr. Khatami!!!!!
Khatami dooset daarim! Ebtekar mokhlessetim!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ebtekar, would you write a brief report on the conference for our front page, Or ask someone else to do it, please? You could mail it with your photo or a photo from the conference to We would love to give Americans a positive view of peaceloving Iranians.

It is time for the women of the world to join hands and lead the way to peace.


Mary Liepold