Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mousavi and Reformist Discourse

I spoke at a University in Qom last night. There were about 300 students and the topic of the meeting was: Why Mousavi?. After the speech there was a question and answer session during which many students spoke about the current situation and brought up their questions. Supporters of the current government criticized reformist policies. I replied patiently attempting to explain all the delicate theoretical principles behind reformist thought. I think this stage of the election campaign is very crucial so that people could pose their questions and search for answers. This is part of the democratic process that we must cherish and uphold. We returned back to Tehran at about 1-30 am.
Election programs are underway everywhere. Reformists are now united and organized behind Mir Hossein Mousavi. All major political groups with reformist backgrounds with the exception of Mehdi Karroubi have indicated their support for Mousavi. Mousavi has spoken clearly in support of individual freedoms, lawfulness,women's rights, the need for economic and political reform and many other issues. Recent polls indicate that Mousavi has gained significantly after Khatami resigned from the campaign. The campaign is gaining momentum and young people are fervently engaged.


Black Chador said...

From reading your post I guess you are supporting Mousavi also. Well would that make you like the other Iranian women who are supporting Mr. Mousavi?
While you were in Qom talking to young Iranian men and women about their rights especially Iranian women Rights someone was calling you and all Iranian women supporters of Mr., Mousavi “Street women” and “thugs”.
That person was not an American or Israeli, that person was another “man of God” or as I call him an …..
Dr. Ebtekar it is your responsibility to call this Akhond out and criticize him for what he has called you and other Iranian women. You need to do this immediately and demand a public apology from him.
His name is, Akhond shajoni and here is the link to his rant.

Jack the Reporter said...

Why dont you tell us about the mistakes and failures of the current government in Iran? We need to hear some details of why he is not liked by reformists.