Friday, June 19, 2009

The Aftermath

I have been very engaged in the past weeks and therefore I had no chance to update my blog. Also at certain times I did not know what to say considering the quick turn of events in Iran. Mr. Mousavi has rejected the official election results and large populations amounting to millions have marched in Tehran. The reality is that this movement is totally rooted in national issues and Mr. Mousavi has stood as a candidate within the Islamic Republic and people have supported his reform movement with hopes for change. The important factor today is to emphasize upon the internal roots of this campaign. Foreign remarks and support could be considered as interference and are therefore not welcomed in this sensitive time. Iran has a long history of colonialism and whenever there has been a liberation movement, foreign intervention has been detrimental.
Millions have protested repeatedly in the streets, their calls of Allah o Akbar at night are heard throughout the cities, university scholars, artists, business sectors and most of the elite in Iran have officially announced their support for Mousavi. Eventhough the Supreme Leader has spoken today asking people not to march and candidates to follow their requests in legal channels, I do not believe things will be resolved readily. I hope security forces and police show restraint and that they prevent the para military groups and hooligans from creating a sense of insecurity in cities.
Now more than ever before, the values of the Islamic Revolution are tied to values of democracy and respect for the choice of the majority.


wendy said...

Wellcome back and good luck to you all for tomorrow

Hazar Nesimi said...

I applaud the fight of Iranian people against oppression, but i emphasize once again that freedom to teach and read in Azerbaijani Turkish should be given in new more democratic Iran. Turks do not want a destruction of Iran, they want free multi-ethnic Iran.

Black Chador said...

The whole world is proud of Iranians stand against dictatorship.