Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghadir and Khatami

A ceremony was held in the modest office of Seyed Mohammad Khatami (former President), on the occasion of Eide Ghadir last week. After months of pressures and limitations against Khatami, hundreds gathered to visit the Reformist leader. A valuable artistic work of calligraphy of the Holy Quran dating back to seven centuries ago was launched in the ceremony. The calligraphy belonged to Yaghout who had created several versions during his lifetime. Ahmad Masjed Jamei the former Guidance Minister and current Tehran City Councilor spoke concerning the occasion and the history of calligraphy and artistic designs. Khatami then spoke about Ghadir and the attitudes and policies of Ali Ibn Abitalib. Khatami stressed upon the point that the most respected and honored for Ali were those who disapproved or criticized  him. Ali, on the other hand, did  not approve of those who boasted about his personality and praised him unconditionally. During the years of his leadership in the ruling system, people were free to express their views and there were no repercussions for those who openly criticized or opposed the government of Ali (AS). Khatami was making a very clear allusion to the current circumstances in Iran. He was in reality, reminding those currently in power, of the astute and grand personality of Ali Ibn Abitalib, who tolerated his opponents and allowed them to speak out.


Anonymous said...

Why have the reformists not understood that their time has elapsed ? This is the era of Ahmadinejad. Did you not see how well he was welcomed in Beirut?

Anonymous2 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Beirut is neither Tehran nor is it the world at large. We shall see about your 'era' and maybe sooner than you can imagine.