Friday, October 14, 2011

Plotting by Americans or Iranians ?

Strained and severed , relations between Iran and America are now facing a new challenge. American officials have been making allegations, during the past days accusing Iran of plotting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in the US. The media orchestration of this news and the platform on which the accusations stand have been for many observers, reminiscent of the scenario that  Collin  Powell, the American Defense Secretary had put forward for the  Congress in 2003, referring to alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  After no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, under pressure from anti war activists, Powell was forced to admit in 2007 that he had provided false evidence at that time.
Now, the world is witness to the unfolding of a similar scenario against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many observers, including former CIA and State Department analysts such as Gary Sick, believe that the evidence provided against Iran is inconclusive and even though Iran has lost the confidence of many Western governments, such scenarios cannot justify any offensive against Iran.  A New York Times Blog (The Lede) brings up serious questions as to the authenticity of the evidence and the skepticism that many observers have in this regard. Even the Guardian takes a cautious note in its report on the matter and notes: Obama says the US wil impose tough sanctions,despite growing scepticism over the amateurish nature of the plot and the apparently shambolic background of the main suspect. 
The unresolved political stalemate after the 2009 elections in Iran has created many political tensions in the internal scene and left the educated intellectuals discontented with a government now struggling with charges of embezzlement and other scandals. In addition to suppression of reformist activity, the internal strife among the Principalists rival groups in power has also aggravated the situation.

In spite of all said, all political  groups in Iran  are united on one front against any foreign manipulation or intervention. No Iranian political group will support the current unsubstantiated propaganda campaign which seems to provide some political space for the American government in dealing with its internal economic and political crises, like the growing Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Former President Khatami recently gave a message reiterating the fact that he believes that pressures and intimidation against Iran are unjustified. He also made it clear that  the government should not make any pretext for foreign intimidation. He firmly stressed that all political groups including the reformists are united in their position on matters of national security and integrity.

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Nancy Reyes said...

as I pointed out in my blog, it's an FBI "sting" that the stupid Iranian man in Texas fell for. (where the FBI pretended to be a terrorist wanting help, and the Iranian offered to help the "terrorist").

Iran's problem is that someone in Iran sent money to fund the plot. If Iran punished this person, they could defuse the situation.

Even the average American who think your president is crazy are laughing at this one...and many suspect it is being exaggerated by their president for political purposes.

what you have to realize is that it is election year. Every four years, Americans go crazy before they elect someone, and then they quiet down. Lots of shouting and accusations and rhetoric, but the rule is no violence...That's why there have been no revolutions there (unlike here in the Philippines).

Protesters who get violent quickly lose support in the USA, because they are not playing by the rules.

As for the protesters, they are being manipulated by Obama's far left supporters. The fact that these protests are not by ordinary people can be found by noticing how few minority faces are among them...

and their violence will lose them even more support. One Youtube video shows the white kids beating up a Black cop. This won't get you a lot of votes in either Harlam's black community or in the working class whites in Yonkers....